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I found this dead fish on the shores of Lake Erie and something about it made me sad, so I took a photo of it.


They brought you home to me in the plain pine box this morning, sealed for your protection.  Gently, they handed me your box, and something ripped open inside of me as I felt the weight of it; you are almost heavier in death than you were in life.  My pretty kitty has come home to me after braving the hot fire; he has returned to me in pine and ash.  I will place the box with the faux gold plate declaring “Oreo” on my mantle but I know your spirit is not there.  Your spirit is free of the pine box and the earthly pain.  You are somewhere chasing ribbons in green grass and swishing your tail at butterflies.

They brought you home to me in ashes but my love carefully reconstructs and returns you whole in my heart.

I am forever your guardian.

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