I know my entry is a week late, but I wanted to participate in this one anyway, since I tend to forget about enjoying the moment I’m in since I’m worrying about the next moment.  Here are a few things that bring me real joy …


The first thing that popped into my mind was watching the moon dance with the clouds and basking in the night air.  This is my happy place.



Here are my  interpretations for this subject.  I hope you enjoy!

Rainy foliage

russet folage

foliage in the woods

Thanks to Ailsa for letting me know about this!  See her photos (and follow her for more themed photo ideas!)  at:

I have a sign fetish, so often I take photos of street signs, posted notices, etc.  These were taken at Grigg’s Reservoir a couple weeks ago.  If you’re a duck or goose lover, please take note.

And a close-up:

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